Mary Gives a Pep Talk

I (clearly) haven’t fixed the design on this site just yet. It’s been a weird summer. But my Mary is a bit hyper tonight. She’s awake working on legos next to me while I work on my projects. This time, I was toying with logo ideas for this blog. Logos and legos — why not! So I asked her what the thought of the font Snell Roundhand — fairly typical for the mormon mommy blog look, but I’m sure it’s not right for me.

“Too classic!” said Mary.

“So I’m not classic?”

“You’re MORE than classic. While single mormon moms are quite rare, the thing is, you’re MORE than just a single mormon mom: you’re smart, you’ve made it through some really hard things… you need something better than that. Now let’s look for something clear and readable…”

She actually does this kind of thing frequently (pep-talks, not staying up late). What a sweet girl have I. 🙂