Thankful Fours

I’m playing on an old superstition, and theorizing that if bad things happen in threes, good things must happen in sets of four or more.

Something really, really tragic happened yesterday, among a series of other difficult situations. My ex had a brain aneurysm that ruptured. He is now in stable condition, but things are still touch and go for the next several weeks.

Things could be better. They could also be much worse.

So in the spirit of counting our blessings, the kids and I think it would be fun to list four items for which we’re thankful — one for each of us and one for all three of us, totaling four, and do this every day before our bedtime family prayers. We’ll call it our thankful fours. Get it? Yeah. I’m that cheesy, and proud of it.

So here’s today’s list. I think we’ll add to it in the form of a comment or addendum rather than starting a new post each time. Hopefully that’ll stand well to reason in the long run. I haven’t decided how to format this for sure. But for now:

Me: There are dozens of things I could list, but one stood out to me today: that I am not a rock, nor an island. Remember that old Simon & Garfunkel song? Several years ago, it fit me to a T. Yeah, I had friends who cared about me, but I still remained emotionally isolated. I hardly ever cried, but the smile I wore didn’t mean anything either. No one knew I was hurting — I couldn’t even acknowledge it myself. Today I hurt much, and cried frequently — and for that I am thankful. I know I’m vulnerable, but I know I’m also loving and well-loved. Thanks to the friends and family who have reached out and been there for us today, and all along.

(Listen along if you’d like. It’s still a great song.)

Ethan: That I have a kind Heavenly Father to talk to.

Mary: Today I’m most thankful for a kind, loving mom.

All three of us: That their dad was feisty when he woke up today, and that he can talk. It’s not a promise, but it is a good sign that if he does make it through, he’s still himself :-p

Me: For a chance to talk to another human being, in person, crying my eyes out in a dark car, without having to worry the kiddos. And for being reminded that I have been blessed in a lot of ways.

Ethan: For my mom, and that dad is still alive.

Mary: For my family. Cause friends and families are most important. Then the essentials, then entertainment, and then all the craft stuff.

All three of us: For kind, loving friends. Our superfriend Steve invited us up to play video games, have brownies and Boo Berry Cereal (and some other food too), and watch Dr. Who. It’s really nice to not have to worry about things.

2011-10-14 (Updated 2011-10-16 – catching up!)
Me: For a break from school. It was nice.

Ethan: I’m thankful we were able to go to Sconecutters.

Mary: For Elder Jones. “If only his name tag said Indiana Jones…”

All three of us: That someone was able to come to Lagoon with the kids and I. We wouldn’t have been able to pull it off on our own.

Me: For late mornings where we study the scriptures and chat about life.

Ethan: That Grandma took us to Kneaders!

Mary: For Grandma. (She watched the kids that night while I went to stake conference).

All three of us: For the Spirit guiding us in what we should do.

Me: For the yummy cookies a friend gave to me.

Ethan: That Malachi and Isaiah could play with me today.

Mary: I’m thankful for Base Ten!

All Three: For the inspirations at Stake Conference and during scripture reading today.

Me: Mewtwo! Tacos! Pizza! (donuts.) Piiiiie! (And for the silly soundclip my cool nephew left on Mary’s DSI. It’s a great way to laugh when I need to. 🙂

Ethan: I’m thankful for magnetism! I made a cool homemade compass today with string and some polarized magnets!

Mary: I am thankful for video games 🙂

All of us: That it’s more than OK to cry sometimes, and it is OK to have the sillies sometimes, too, even when things are rough. (Mary says it’s just not okay to be silly about someone crying. Good point.)

*A typo caught by Ethan. It is 2011.

Me: I am thankful for the stars.

Ethan: I am thankful for paint… Funny…

Mary: I am thankful for family.

All of us: The wonderful food our neighbors gave to us(as well as the neighbors).

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  1. ann.

    I love the idea of thankful fours, and of bedtime family prayers, for that matter. You’re focusing your children’s attention back on gratefulness is so healthy for them. May we all recommit to do the same. Blessings, Velda! 🙂


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