Office Supplies for Christmas

Eraser & Pencil Pillow Variety Pack

Sometimes I don’t know what to make of my kids.  Mary has been begging for weeks… more than a month even, for the “Office Depot® Brand Eraser & Pencil Pillow Variety Pack” — 110 erasers and pencil grips. For a girl who is convinced that pencils are poisonous because they contain “lead” (when I explain that it’s really graphite she rebuts with,  “Well, stuff from China has lead in it all the time…”)  a huge pack of erasers just seemed like a weird request.  But, her brother fulfilled it, because he loves her that much.

You’d think a kid who asks for office supplies for Christmas has no imagination.  Not so much.  Today I found them playing like so:

We really just need two erasers to make negotiations while the rest of them just lie around like dopes.  -quoth Mary.  Which is why Ethan is laughing in shock. I have NO idea where she comes up with stuff like that.
Battle of the Erasers: The Treaty

According to Mary, here we see two of our smartest erasers agreeing to end this cruel war.

Who knows what excitement the multi-pack of erasers will bring tomorrow?

By the way, she isn’t normally obsessed with war and violence, but today’s battle did remind me of the day I was sick (after being up cleaning up after a sick kid all night) and they raided the never-ending stash-o-candy for breakfast.  Mary came up with this.

I have really strange kids.


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