Starting the BOM again (and rambling about it)

So I kinda dropped the ball on the whole Blogging the Book of Mormon project I started a while ago. I drop the ball on a lot of random good ideas that I start. Someone said, “Character is the ability to carry out the decision long after the emotion of making the decision has passed.” I hope character is a lot of other things, because sometimes I’m not so good at that one … at least when it comes to habits.

Anyway. I figure my goal in this case should be to blog every chapter… eventually. Even if it takes a long time. Even if I go for months between. The point is to do it from the heart and take it slow even if it isn’t exactly steady. I don’t have to feel like giving up if I don’t keep up. Just pick up and go again when I can, right? ANYWAY…

So the kids and I have been still been working on the New Testament. We’ve enjoyed that, though I have to say, I’ve never understood why people complain about the complexity of Isaiah when they’ve read through some of Paul’s arguments. I love Isaiah. Paul is hard for me, and because we were trying very hard to understand, we were taking f o r e v e r. So we decided to start fresh with the BOM, since that’s what we’re studying in church this year. And here we are.

MAN I am verbose today. I’ll do a fresh post for 1 Ne 1. Here we go…

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