Inclusive Dieting

So, I found some of the weight I’d lost last year. Actually, some of that gain was on purpose: as it turns out, it’s rather nice to have something soft to sit on. I’m starting to accept that maybe I should just like myself the size I am, so long as I am healthy and able to do the activities I like.

But, I also know I’m NOT healthy right now, what with my crazy resurgent sugar addiction and the random habit of skipping too many meals while bingeing through others. Not to mention the fact that I would probably keel over before I could run a mile.

It seems the more I tell myself I should avoid this and avoid that, the stronger the temptation. So I’m thinking of trying a different approach: rather than excluding certain foods, focusing on getting enough servings of the things I know I should eat and enjoy eating them, and also enjoying the many ways to use and move my body rather than putting the focus on maintenance.

Rather than counting calories, I’d like to try counting up servings. For example, I want to make sure I’m eating enough veggies servings: one at breakfast, two at lunch, and three at dinner. I know I need more protein than I’ve had in years past, too, so I’ll count that up as well. And I also need to remember to drink water before and after meals. Knowing myself, if I can get those two covered, the rest will take care of itself. Particularly if I remember to -share- sugary treats so the calories are cut in two or more 🙂

Anyway. These are my thoughts. Putting thoughts into action and action into habit is harder than plunking down a little blog post, but I’m hoping i’ll be able to pull it off anyway.

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