So I met some coworkers…

Today wraps up my first (and Automattic’s 6th) Grand Meetup. It’s a bit like a corporate retreat, only because we are a distributed company, instead of retreating, we meet.

It’s also different from a corporate retreat in that it is infinitely more awesome. I swear I don’t mean to make this blog a series of gushy love posts, but I am so fortunate to be a part of this.

I’m writing this post from the bus that is taking us all to our last night’s dinner. We are two bus-loads strong!

So I could be jumping the gun to say so now, but here are few highlights of this trip:

– Sorting out some Gravatar issues with Matt, Demetrius, and Elizabeth
– Gary and Sara: I Will Survive, Death Metal Karaoke Edition
– Skydiving
– Birds… Especially Chadwick and the daily ducks at my door
– Flash talks
– Hugs, chats, and sing-alongs
– Demo Day, wherein each team presented the project they had worked on all week

You’ll get to see some of the fruits if our labors soon, too. I can’t wait til they are public.

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