Addicted to Heroics… :-p

I don’t normally shop at Walmart, but when I do…

Not to start this post out sounding like a meme or something, but literally every time I go to Walmart (which really isn’t often, but I’ll admit when I do go I inevitably spend too much), I check to see if they have Heroics in stock.  My little addiction actually started when I’d gone there looking for pingpong balls. They were out of stock.  So I bought one of these instead. I and was so inexplicably thrilled with my little mini Flash dude that I was instantly hooked.

Heroics are basically miniature comic book figures that come in packages about the size of a ping poing ball.  You can’t tell which one you’ll get — only whether you’re getting Marvel or DC (and they do have both) so it feels a bit like a 97 cent Christmas Day when I open one up.

So I have browsed by the toy aisle every time ever since, hoping to buy just one more.  But they’re always sold out.  And today when I actually found some there, I bought several. :-p  While wearing a Batman shirt, no less.  I couldn’t decide whether the checker was incredulous or impressed.  All I know is I’m happy with the haul:

Let’s see. We’ve got Flash, Wolverine, Joker, Iron Man, Spiderman, and Superman … and??

But who is that green guy with purple cape and red eyes?  Any ideas?