Addicted to Heroics… :-p

I don’t normally shop at Walmart, but when I do…

Not to start this post out sounding like a meme or something, but literally every time I go to Walmart (which really isn’t often, but I’ll admit when I do go I inevitably spend too much), I check to see if they have Heroics in stock.  My little addiction actually started when I’d gone there looking for pingpong balls. They were out of stock.  So I bought one of these instead. I and was so inexplicably thrilled with my little mini Flash dude that I was instantly hooked.

Heroics are basically miniature comic book figures that come in packages about the size of a ping poing ball.  You can’t tell which one you’ll get — only whether you’re getting Marvel or DC (and they do have both) so it feels a bit like a 97 cent Christmas Day when I open one up.

So I have browsed by the toy aisle every time ever since, hoping to buy just one more.  But they’re always sold out.  And today when I actually found some there, I bought several. :-p  While wearing a Batman shirt, no less.  I couldn’t decide whether the checker was incredulous or impressed.  All I know is I’m happy with the haul:

Let’s see. We’ve got Flash, Wolverine, Joker, Iron Man, Spiderman, and Superman … and??

But who is that green guy with purple cape and red eyes?  Any ideas?


  1. Margaret

    What a nice site you have going here! I have some grandkids who like Spiderman. Just think… he’s old. One of my sons, who is almost 40, loved Spiderman when he was young. We had even gotten him an air-filled Spiderman chair for his birthday ever so many years ago. Time flies when you’re having fun.


  2. colinmichaelmoore

    I’m currently working at a Walmart here in Canada. I don’t think they’re called Heroics but we have something similar….priced close to $3. “Yikes!” but “Cool!”


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