The debate?

It wasn’t so long ago that I forked one blog into two. I think my hope then was to actually get a real mommy blog following, or a real geeky blog following, but with my attention so divided I never really did either.

I now have Yet Another Blog: . Cooler name. Makes me sound like I’ve got a gigantic ego if you don’t know the video game, but the only potential people visiting that site who don’t know the game *do* know me well enough that I wouldn’t really be worried.

I’m considering consolidating them all again.

My concern: getting overly personal in a public space. But it’s not like any of these are exactly private blogs. What do you think?


  1. Amanda

    I love the new name. So you. And I think you should consolidate your blogs. Then we’d get he whole picture.
    About being overly personal in a public space… well I delude myself into thinking that not a lot of people are reading (well that is probably true) and that I am talking to “strangers”: To me it would be much harder to write this stuff if people I know would be reading. Not that the close people in my life do not know about the personal stuff (they do), but I guess I would feel more judged? Or silly? Only a few people in my life know about the blog, mostly because if my dad found out he would get paranoid about me sharing all kinds of things online.
    But it has helped me in many ways: organize and process my thoughts, connect with people in far and close places in similar situations, discuss interesting subjects, force me to actively focus and search for the good things, a count your blessings kind of thing, and keeping a journal something which I gave up a long time ago..


  2. Velda

    The being-too-personal thing didn’t bother me until I went on a fantastic date with a guy who seemed super nice. But within days of our date, he’d read through all of the posts on all of the blogs (I’ve been blogging for 10 years now…) and started making comments like, “I love your handwriting” — which freaked me out, because I didn’t realize he’d read it on a blog post.

    I’m no more public here than I would be say, talking to friends at the grocery store, but wouldn’t it be creepy to get a text from someone you just met saying, “So… you like Reeses Puffs, eh?” ? I told him several times I needed WAY more space, and his response was to contact me with even more frequency and intensity, because surely if I had more contact I’d change my mind, right? He brought over a bunch of lovely presents, even.

    And I slept at my mom’s for a few days. It’s not so bad that he read it all, so much that it felt like he was going to monitor / discuss every move I made for the rest of my life. Maybe he still is. .. :/


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