Triple posting this —

It wasn’t so long ago that I forked my one blog into two.  I think my hope then was to actually get a real mommy blog following, or a real geeky blog following, but with my attention so divided I never really did either.

I now have Yet Another Blog here. Cooler name. Makes me sound like I’ve got a gigantic ego if you don’t know the video game.  But if you don’t know the video game and you are visiting this site, chances are you do know me well enough to not make that judgement on domain name alone.

So I’m thinking of consolidating those two sites back into this one.  You know, one blog to rule them all…  one blog to bring them all and in the … uh. Nevermind.

My concern: getting overly personal in a public space. But it’s not like my other two blogs aren’t public.  What do you think?


  1. Michael Jones

    I like it. And yeah, it’s not terribly hard to find the other blogs if someone really wants to make a connection between the two. Plus, fewer blogs means less places you have to update… NP really hasn’t seen much activity since you forked them.

    I’d think it would be easier to have all of the content in one place and just categorize it. If people want to draw conclusions from seeing a mix of stuff, so be it, but I think most people would just realize that you’ve got many facets in your life… there’s no sense in trying to keep them separated from each other on a blog any more than you’d separate them in real life.

    I’m off to go listen to some related video game theme music that is now stuck in my head 😛


    1. Velda

      Agreed, and while both sites have enjoyed some traffic –it really just hasn’t been the same as far as my blogging spirits go. SMM really is super emo sometimes, so I might start with adding NP here and see how that works out. Then I’d bring in SMM later. Should be fun 🙂


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