Pink Magneto

All the bad guys seem to wear purple. Now Zerobs (that’s the new moniker for Heroics) ZERBOZ (geeze, can’t believe I had it wrong all along!) seems to have gone a bit scant with the pigment in this batch. So dark purple goes light, and red goes pink. So I’ve got this Bubblicious Magneto. It’s kinda cool, right?



  1. John Hibbs

    An artist raised by geeks in the beautiful Utah mountains, Velda has been using computers as a canvas for digital expression for as long as she can remember. She loves to help others do the same. With her ridiculously long list of interests and activities, it’s best to simply say that Velda is a huge fan of the universe and the people in it. She especially loves being the mom of her two awesome kids.
    The above, is why I am contacting you. The reason has to do with this
    Please, please write to me., Thanks


  2. Holly

    Hi Velda! This is a massive SOS!! Please help me!! I just love the Ideation & Intent theme. I switched to it last week. All was going fine until it came time to get my photo to show on each post. I cannot figure out how to change the default image. I contacted WordPress support, and although Shawn has been most helpful, I still cannot figure out the answer. In utter desperation, I went to the site of the creator of the theme — Automattic. I see that you, too, use this theme and that your photo displays on your recent post. So I beg you…how in the world do I get my photo to show!! [contact info redacted] Thank you so much in advance for any help you can provide.


    1. Velda

      Hi Holly! A few ideas:

      – Make sure the image is neither too big (like fresh from an 18mp camera) or too small (smaller than the size other images display). If it’s too big, it might not get processed quickly enough and won’t show up. If it’s too small, your theme might ignore it.

      – Try specifying a featured image in each post. On the post edit screen, click Featured Image, and choose the one you want. Sometimes that’s all it takes. 🙂

      Hoping that helps! – V


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