To the ones I love…

Several minutes ago I put my arms around a not-yet-awake Mary and, attempting to get her up and going for the morning, asked what I’d intended as a rhetorical question:

“Oh…. my sweet girl. (hugs) Do you know who I love?”

Still in her sleep, she answered, “Well, sure I do!” and named herself. That was the answer I was looking for. But without missing a beat, she continued to list others: her brother, God, and dozens of family and friends who really are dear to my heart. She went on for several minutes before trailing off into her sighing snores.

From a different day. Still :)
From a different day. Still šŸ™‚

Mary still isn’t awake, so I’m off to go work on that again. But I’m glad she knows she’s loved, and I’m glad she knows you are, too šŸ™‚


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