My Name & Quest

Today is day one of the January 2015 Blogging 101 class, and guess who joined up this time?  I’ve had blogs for more than a decade now. I even help others with WordPress!  While I understand all of the technical aspects of running a site, I have never focused on learning how to blog well.  I’ve recommended the Blogging 101 course to many friends, customers, and acquaintances, so as one of my new year’s resolutions, I decided it’s high time I take my own advice and join this course myself.

My first task is to write a post, and then to state my name. Well, if the domain name didn’t give it away, it’s Velda. Yup, really. Like Zelda, with a V. Since this page has everything you’d ever want to know about me personally, and since I rather like my title and tagline, I’ll focus on the purpose of this blog instead.

I’ll be honest: I made this blog solely because my coworkers suggested this awesome domain name.  I have been very indecisive as to what to write here. And when people started following, I really froze up because I wasn’t sure that I had anything important to say. Like my intro says, I really am shy. Plus, the name is pretty cool if you’re a geek like me who happens to have a weird first name, but does it sound to you like it’s supposed to be something so awesome it’s practically legendary?

So today I shall establish this blogs purpose, and it is not to be legendary. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Its purpose is simply to be.

I’ve told myself before I don’t have to write anything extraordinary, and that it’s enough to do my best. And I’ve told myself too, that if I’ll simply write often, I will get better. No pressure. But apparently zero pressure isn’t quite enough to get me over my hangups and on to writing, so here I am in a Blogging 101 class. Feel free to follow along!

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