That Warrior Princess Thing

Today we’re supposed to update our title and tagline. I like mine just the way it is, but I’d be happy to tell you why!

Velda was my grandma’s nickname. Her actual name was a mouthful – a combination of names her parents made up. It was supposed to mean “Valley of Green.” So imagine my surprise when, as a kid loitering at the neighborhood store, I found my own name alongside hers in a baby name book. It offered several definitions: “Inspired Intelligence” didn’t sit well with me since this was well before my nerdiness was socially accepted. Neither did “Powerful Ruler” because I’m not into that. But the other meaning was “Spirited Warrior.” I can dig that.

Later, when the internet was a little more populated, I used baby name sites to break down the individual parts of her name. Her name meant “Warrior of Truth!” How cool is that? And I immediately thought of Xena, Zelda, Éowyn, and other ladies who would fight for a cause. I’d like to be like that. So maybe that Warrior Princess thing is and always will be a bit aspirational, but it’s worth a shot. And as for Mom and Geek? Well, I’ve definitely got that part down. 😉

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