Following Five and Five

Tonight’s Blogging 101 work is to start to engage in our communities. I’m to pick five reader topics to follow, as well as five blogs. Here’s what caught my eye tonight:


Now this is some star gossip I can get behind. I use this account for testing stuff at work, and it seems at some point I managed to accidentally unfollow Supernova Condensate. Fixed!


For a shy person, I sure do manage to get myself into some crazy predicaments. Like having to figure out how to lead a meetup, for example. Maybe these posts can help me get some ideas. Looks like WordPress Budapest is a new-ish users group, so I’ll follow them and see what they’re up to.


I’ve never been able to run, but boy am I trying! In fact the other day I made it through a 5K jog without stopping or walking, for the first time in all of my six years of trying. Looks like this guy at A Quest for the Athlete In Me has the same kinds of goals and is writing about them, so I’ll follow him for inspiration.

My faith

Faith and religion are pretty big topics in the reader, so I’ve gone a little more specific and followed posts tagged LDS. This post made me smile, so I’ll follow her blog.

Blogging 101

Last but not least, I figured I’d follow the tag that started this post in the first place! And since a simple post from c’est la vie captured why I love getting out for a walk (or a hike) now and then, I’ll see what else he has to say.

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