Catching up with my Dream Readers

This assignment is easy peasy, since I’m lucky enough to already have my two favorite dream readers right here with me. My kids have read and re-read my blogs more faithfully than anyone I know, and in fact they’re part of the reason I’m finally taking this course!

During our weekly family night, the three of us sit down and write in a shared journal. That funny old book holds years worth of memories, random insights, and all sorts of hilariously done drawings. A few weeks ago, my girl piped up: “Not to be morbid, but when you’re old or gone, which one of us gets to keep the family journal?”

And for a few seconds we were all crickets and raised eyebrows. It’s not something we’d thought about.

So she added, “At least we can all keep the blogs.”

I’ve been blogging off and on (mostly off) for a while now. I’m hoping to fix that, dearest readers of mine. Even if it’s just for you. 🙂

(Almost forgot the new-to-me embed!)

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