Graphing out loud

My oldest is in town tonight, and we’re up to all our favorite hijinks: memes, hugs, random singing, impassioned political debates, and the inevitable midnight math.

Our housemate walked in just in time to overhear:

Mary: “What if instead of using a fourth dimension we modeled a… oh what’s it called…”

Ethan: “Parametric?”

Mary: “Yes! A parametric function. What if we modeled a parametric function onto a 3D graph?”

Ethan: “Yes! You’re right!”

Rebeckah laughed, sighed, and sat down to watch. And I decided to take a picture to remember good old times likes this. Today was rough for me, and the past week got pretty lonely as times, so this little reunion with all its geeky camaraderie is just what we all needed.

Ethan: “ANYWAY, so that’s why I couldn’t sleep last night: my roommate and I were discussing this theory on dating.”


Mary: “You can describe anything with the right functions!”

And that warms this momma’s heart. I once doubted whether we could stay close like this as they grew up, but our love is still off the charts.

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