There and back again and again

You may have heard I’m about to go on an adventure. Lately I’ve wondered if I have the capacity. Tonight’s story has me unsure, but it made me laugh anyway, so I’ll share it with you.

I’ve been fighting sinus infections again. Again again again. I don’t know why this is my life lately, but a neighbor reminded me of one reason. “Have you tried Flonase?”

In fact I had run out a few weeks ago! I don’t normally shop on Sunday, so I figured I’d pick it up tomorrow. But after a few more hours of my skull pounding relentlessly, I decided I ought to go pick some up anyway. Ox in the mire!

And I ought to get a little exercise as well: if they walk patients in the hospital, surely a walk to Walgreens and back would be good for me. Not just for the exercise, but for being in the present and enjoying my surroundings in spite of not feeling great. So I took my time walking the trail, wondering about the different footprints I saw and what little quests their owners had been on.

At Walgreens I was all business. Well, mostly business.

Back on the trail with my Flonase and two bags of BOGO candy, I started to fret.

What if I see a neighbor? What if they say “If you’re well enough to shop on Sunday, why not go to church?” Never mind antimaskers and my sinusitis. I would not want to talk about it.

Thinking fast, I shoved one bag of candy in each coat pocket. I tried to put the Fluticasone in, too, but those have weirdly huge packaging. So I threw away the box and slipped the spray into my pocket.

And then I was free to mosey my way back home. I’ve been stressed about upcoming unknowns, but walks like this help me to stay in the present. I even bent down a few times to write encouraging messages in the snow, just in case any other lone walkers needed a boost like I did.

You got this!

Once home, I had a quick dinner, then went to go take some Flonase.

It was nowhere to be found.

After 15 minutes of searching the house, I got my flashlight and slowly headed back to Walgreens… only to slowly go back home again. I prayed for better luck finding it. $38 wouldn’t be financial ruin, but that stuff is expensive!

Finally, just as I was about to give up on my pricey nose meds, I saw this. Do you see it too?

Found it!

It was near another message I had left for someone else, but apparently I needed to see it once more.

We will be ok

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