Addicted to Heroics… :-p

I don’t normally shop at Walmart, but when I do… Not to start this post out sounding like a meme or something, but literally every time I go to Walmart (which really isn’t often, but I’ll admit when I do go I inevitably spend too much), I check to see if they have Heroics in […]


So I met some coworkers…

Today wraps up my first (and Automattic’s 6th) Grand Meetup. It’s a bit like a corporate retreat, only because we are a distributed company, instead of retreating, we meet. It’s also different from a corporate retreat in that it is infinitely more awesome. I swear I don’t mean to make this blog a series of […]


Hello world!

This is not my very first post, since I have a number of blogs in the wild, but it is my very first post as an Automattician, a title I’ve aspired to since 2008.  I’m not much of one to cry when I’m happy, but that’s just what I did when I was officially welcomed […]