Let’s hope not!

I’d forgotten to write about Mary’s incident with the “Tussin CF”. This occurred about a month ago. I was working online a little late. When I walked out, Mary was just polishing off a cup of cough medicine Ethan had poured for her.

I freaked out and tried to make her throw up for a moment or two (knowing that could NOT be good for her). Jared walked in about 1 minute later and called Poison Control, who said trying to make her barf would only traumatize her. We tried to find out from Ethan how much he’d given her. He answered “Four” so I asked him to show me four, giving him a container of water and an empty cup. He poured the water and counted to four. 😦 . Also I found a line in the cup. It looked like she’d had about four ounces of the stuff.

I ran her to the clinic, and then to the emergency room. She was so cute with the doctors, singing songs and telling them how much she liked doctors. She turned out fine, got herself a pink teddy bear and a pack of circle crackers and square crackers, a sticker for herself and a spiderman sticker for Ethan, and two lollipops. As we left she called out to the nurses, “Thanks guys, I’ll see you tomorrow!”

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