Commercial Kid

Ethan is my commercial loving kid. If they’re watching a show, and the commercials come on, and we press mute or turn the TV off, he says, “HEY, I was watching that!” And he’s not only watching for his own well being, like he does with the floam commercial for example. The other day he saw a Garnier commercial where a girl has hair so long and strong, that when her boyfriend decides to play a joke on her by tying her to her bar-stool, she shows him up by ripping out half the bar with just her hair!

Well, Ethan was thrilled and said, “MOM! You should get hair like THAT!” “Sorry babe, I’ve tried that shampoo, and my hair is no different… I think they were exaggerating in the commercial to try to make us buy their product.” “Ohhhhhh….” (and he walks away with a puzzled look on his face). 20 minutes later he’s back, “Mom!? I have a great idea. Maybe you should buy that shampoo again, but this time use it on the back of your hair!!”


Ethan was playing “count the money” with me last night (one of our many math games). I don’t think he’s got the full grasp on which coin equals which ammount yet (he’ll hold up a nickle and say, “Is this a quarter or a dime?”) but he’s certainly got the math end down. I had four dimes, one nickle, and four pennies and asked him, “Alright, how much does this make?” He looked for a moment and said, “Fourty-nine cents.” “Good job Ethan!” Then I added one more penny to the mix. It was so black Ethan didn’t recognize it. “Um, mom, what is that?” “It’s a penny love, it’s just dirty.” “Oh! I saw a commercial for some soap that can make your pennies clean!”

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