More “What Not To Do”

I’m all about sharing the good ideas I’ve had, and if you read the site much you’ve probably noticed I share the bad ideas as well and why they were bad.

Today I had a few very bad ideas. I’ll try not to go into much detail on why they were bad this time… I’ll draw the dots and let you connect them as you’d like. But hopefully should you ever find yourself in such a situation, you’ll make better choices than I did.

I’d intended to enjoy the summery weather we had today by walking to church, but as usual, we were running late. Five minutes after we were supposed to be there, Mary was still standing shoeless in front of the bathroom mirror, slobbering into the sink and declaring, “See? I’m too sick to go!” I examined the sink and ascertained it was just spit; clearly she just wanted to stay home with her dad and goof around.

If it wasn’t a mistake to figure she was bluffing, the least I could have done is tried to sit near a waste basket after we rushed in 15 minutes late.

My second mistake of the day and what I learned from it: If your child suddenly begins to show signs that she really IS too sick for church, particularly in a carpeted chapel, do not (May I repeat? do not!) try to carry her on a mad dash through the aisle and down the hall to the bathroom. Particularly if the only way you thought to pick her up was around her middle.

Hindsight being 20/20, I would advise you grab that handy garbage can you thought to sit by earlier, or at the very least, don’t move till she’s stable.

As I dashed into the hallway, I realized I was not being smart. I put Mary down, instructed her to Wait Here, and ran to get paper towels to clean up the mess. Almost a good idea, but not quite. A neighbor who WAS being smart quickly found a garbage can and put it in front of my child. Brilliant.

By the time I’d hurried back from the bathroom with the wad of paper towels I’d dispensed, other smarter people had already gone to the cleaning closet for towels that weren’t stuck in a dispenser, not to mention spray bottles of disinfectant. They were moments away from bagging up the entire mess and taking it to the dumpster. We were even offered a ride home.

In tonight’s prayers I have alot to be thankful for: that Mary’s much better, for one. But also for terrific neighbors and friends who took care of my other child for the rest of the meeting, and more who expressed their sympathy and well wishes. I’m particularly thankful for those who cleaned up what surely must have felt like an extra mile of berber.

And I’ll ask one thing: that none of them get sick.

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