Mary Mac

The following conversation between myself and Mary ensued as we were driving up the mountain toward our home, when Mary began to lament that her initials were MAC.

M: “Mac is a boys name!!”
V: “Well haven’t you ever heard of Mary Mack?”
M: “Who?”
V: “Mary Mack, dressed in black. Silver buttons all down her back?”
N: “No…”
V: “She asked her mother for 50 cents to see the elephant jump the fence.”
M: “Oh…”
V: “He jumped so high, he touched the sky, and he didn’t get back till the 4th of July!”
(Directs a smile and a wink at Mary through the rear-view mirror, and goes back to thinking about to-do-lists, etc)

M: “And?”
V: “And what?”
M: “And what happened next?”
V: “What do you mean? It’s a song. That’s the end of it.”
M: “No, what happened on the 4th of July?”
V: “Well I don’t know, what do you think happened?”
M: “There was a BIG SPLAT!”

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