Date a girl who reads…

Here’s a gorgeous little piece a friend mentioned on twitter and tumbler. For the record, my kids didn’t get to know The Cat in the Hat and Aslan on the same day or even in the same year, but they are well acquainted with both because I’ve always loved reading with them. They’ve both been little bookworms in their own right for years now, but we still love reading together. Honestly we do that even more than we watch Dr. Who.

I noticed this was written by another girl. I think guys and girls have very different values when it comes to dating. Guys, if you’re listening, my mini philosophy on the matter is that attraction fades even faster than beauty itself. It’s just a gateway drug that’ll leave you empty in the end.

Date someone who can laugh with you and work alongside you. Date someone who understands and respects you. Date someone who will be the kind of parent you’d want for your kids. If she’s all that but you wish she were cuter, try squinting!

Eh, okay, I really don’t understand it from the guy’s perspective. But please just try to see us and love us for who we are — a maxim I struggle to heed myself, but I’m hoping I will learn how.

Enjoy this sweet essay: Date a Girl who Reads, by Rosemarie Urquico. And Love, if you’re out there somewhere, you’d better like bookworms.