A Good Morning

My kids and I love a good meteor shower, so at 4:30 this morning we headed west to a dead-end, dark mountain road, got ourselves all snuggled together in the front passenger’s seat, rolled down the windows, and watched the dust left from Haley’s Comet as it made its way into our atmosphere.

Even at ages 9 and 10, the kids found this to be a bit of an awe-inspiring experience. I pointed out Mars and the kids asked, “So what would the Earth look like from far away?” Thanks to the miracles of modern technology, I was able to bring up Carl Sagan’s “Pale Blue Dot” — and we listened to it twice.

The kids loved it as much as I do, though they, like I, found the pretty soundtrack’s timing a bit wonky. But the message is humbling, isn’t it?

This reminded me of Moses, who learned that man is nothing. Even so, I know we do matter to our Creator (There’s a talk about that in a moment).

So we sang a few songs in thanks for the beauty of the earth and skies, for the creations of which we’re a part, and for God’s power throughout the universe displayed.

Now we’re home baking orange rolls, and watching this to cap off the morning before we take a little nap 🙂

The kids say, “Were it a school morning, we would have officially failed.” But as it was, I consider it a great success. It’s like Family Home (only in the car) Evening (only in the morning). Loving it.


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