Blanket Apology for Lack of Coherency

Some of you say I’m a talented writer. Guess what? I’m not. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again: words are not my native language. It is a chore to translate my nebulous thoughts and feelings into something remotely coherent to anyone else, and one I’ll generally complete cheerfully (albiet slowly.) But every once in a while these thoughts come tripping out all over each other in a race to find permanence somewhere. When that happens, my posts aren’t going to make sense, and if I can push past my weird perfective tendencies I’ll hopefully have a few thoughts written out that have been jumbling about in my mind, whether they sound like gibberish or not. I apologize in advance.

One thought I had the other day that DID somehow make sense:

“Never use an apology as an opportunity to excuse or explain yourself.” So, really, don’t feel compelled to read the next few posts, though you’re welcome to if you’re up for it somehow. Maybe you can help me translate into English. 🙂

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