Sorpresa de las Escrituras!

The kids and I typically read and discuss a chapter from the new testament for scripture study each night, but on the nights when we’re out of time or just not feeling up to it, we still try to at least read and talk about a scripture mastery reference. We have a box full of scripture mastery cards for just such occasions, too. Last night for example: we were all exhausted, and I was coming down with a cold, but we didn’t want to miss scriptures altogether, so out came the box.

Imagine my surprise when the scripture mastery card came out in Spanish! I don’t know where it came from, so if you happen to be missing a Spanish scripture mastery card, we’ve got it for you here.

The kids haven’t taken Spanish for well over a year and a half now, and I’ve never taken it at all, but we sounded it out, and then each tried to guess what it meant before looking it up to verify. Surprisingly, we did alright! Some of our ‘translations’ made us laugh, too… we thought ‘Flaquezas’ might mean flakiness, and while we didn’t get the word quite right, it fit well.

I had an easier time since I know this one well, but can you figure it out en Español? This could be a fun way to learn about another language and while really letting the meaning sink in, too:

¡Oh ese sutil plan del maligno! ¡Oh las vanidades, y las flaquezas, y las necedades de los hombres! Cuando son instruidos se creen sabios, y no escuchan el consejo de Dios, porque lo menosprecian, suponiendo que saben por sí mismos; por tanto, su sabiduría es locura, y de nada les sirve; y perecerán.

Pero bueno es ser instruido, si hacen caso de los consejos de Dios.

I copied the spanish from this page at; you can find the English translation here. And I’m thinking I just might go ahead and buy my own Spanish scripture mastery card set 🙂

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