War is over!

Did you hear? I almost skimmed right past the headline in my morning news feed.  My TV doesn’t work, I sincerely dislike talk radio, and I don’t subscribe to the dead-tree editions of any major news source, so I could have a really goofed up perspective on the whole matter, but it almost seems as though this Iraq war is sneaking out the back door. Interesting.

Anyway, I’m glad it’s over. I support our troops and their efforts, but I support them coming home, too.  Is the world a better place now because of our involvement there?  I don’t know yet.   But as a new friend of mine put it, “It is not unpatriotic to condemn war and proclaim peace.”

In the meantime, I grabbed some screenshots of the homepages for various news outlets today, mainly because I’m so surprised they aren’t making a bigger deal of this.  FoxNews.com for example has a big headline about the GOP races in Iowa and nothing about the war ending.  Interesting, eh?

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