New Contract + Summer – MAT1010 = ?

I’ve got a bit of a problem. And a story. You know what that means. I’ll write it all in one big hairy paragraph and mix in some irrelevant details, just like they do in my text book:

MAT1010 (UVU uses the “MATH” prefix for remedial courses) is four credit class that costs roughly $800. I want an A, and, as this is a difficult class for me, I would typically need to study 4 hours per week to achieve that goal. MAT1010 is normally a 15 week class, but I have to work just over twice as hard, since it’s only offered as a 7 week class during the summer. That’s like a full time job. Speaking of jobs, I’ve just started a full-time contract. Also, my kids are home from school now, which means I have an additional 8 hours per day to enjoy their company, but only for half of the summer; should I spend that time buried alive in work and books? Dropping the class at this point means losing the tuition as well as the cost of the online course, however, it would free up more hours to work, and hopefully do well with work and kids. MAT1010 does not count toward my major, but I am required to test out of it or pass with a C to take the math class that does count.

Now: who would like to write that in algebraic terms, find the solution, and graph it for me? 🙂

Seth Godin taught me that knowing when to quit is a good thing. I think I’m going to follow his advice this time around.