Oh, Friday…

Bet you’ve always wondered what a cute Single Mormon Mommy does on a kidless Friday night. Let me count the adventures!

– Went out at 6 to my friend’s graduation open house, mainly so I could meet her dad who just flew in from Vietnam.
– Noticed that party ended at 7. Asked my brother if he wanted to go to a movie. He had plans. D’oh.
– Investigated a bug in the my software of choice.
– Logged on to Facebook to see if anyone had sent me a note or posted on my wall.
– Saw this; laughed really hard:

– Went back to Facebook; found a random singles event of Ultimate Frisbee in the Dark. Thus, I’m out.

I actually just really wanted to share that movie with you, but realized just how lonely I must seem for watching random youtube videos on a Friday night. Well, lonely I am. So ladies, hug your husbands if you’ve got them. Husbands, hug your wives. Parents, hug your kids. You’re lucky, you know.

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