Oh and in other news…

So from the looks of my blog and sometimes even my facebook feed, you’d think I’ve got chronic angst syndrome or something. Not at all. 🙂 I just have been posting about the stuff that moves me.

Well, so you know, my life moves me too! I’ve just been super busy. Here’s why:

– I’m loving working at Automattic. Love it. My coworkers are super fantastic smart and fun to be around both virtually and in real life at our meetups, most recently: Santa Fe and Rio De Janeiro! To be honest, meetups feel a whole lot less like IRL (that means in real life, Mom and Dad) than our typical online schedule.

– My kids are awesome. I’ve told them if they get the stuff around the house done while I’m working, we can do fun stuff as soon as I’m off work. Movies! Hiking! Learning to Swim! Doing ALL THE THINGS!

– When I’m not working or mommying, I’m usually either running or dancing. Did I tell you I can finally run? I’ve had running-induced asthma my entire life. Sometimes dancing induced, too. It got really really bad this spring, to the point that two runs of Prednisone and all the Albuterol I could take wouldn’t have it under control. Finally tried Advair, and it works!

– I learned that running in Sketchers Shapeups is BAD. Hello shin splints! But a cute guy introduced me to Altras. And I am running more than I ever have in my life. So I’m working a little more every week. After a wee knee injury, I don’t know if I’ll be able to run a 5K in 30 by my birthday, but I’m going to keep trying. Maybe I’ll hit up the Bad Prom 5k instead.

– I got a new calling! I’ve been teaching Sunday School to the 11-year-old kids. All but one of them has turned 12 and graduated to the next class. So now I team teach the kids ages 9 and 10. In addition to that, I was called to Achievement Days (think of something like girl scouts without the cookies). Adventures all around!

Other stuff:
– Kids birthdays are done for the year, now I’ve just got mine to deal with. I think I’ll just hide.

– We have Russian Exchange students for 9 days! Gregory and Senya are from Voronezh, where I taught English in 1996. They weren’t born yet… 😮

– I retired from UTOS volunteer work. Mixed feeling are mixed. But I had been super busy, and a two week trip shortly before the conference wasn’t helping me feel less stressed. But I am helping to set up WordCamp 2013. 🙂

– I’m still trying to figure out how I can treat my kids to some sort of vacation or staycation this summer.

Between all that and the occasional date, it’s been one busy summer! How is yours going?


  1. Steve of the G's

    There are many things I would call you, but angst-ridden is not one of them. I personally feel pretty honored to have such a wonderfully positive person like you to call a friend :). Still a great post though!


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