Stage Fright

It’s been a few months since I said anything here, even though I’d had full intentions to add a series of posts. I know exactly why I’ve been putting it off, and this is my attempt to get over it. Written in 5-7-5, because that’s the Automattic way:

I’ve not posted since
people started following.
I’m a little shy. 🙂

I’m still glad you’re here, though. Shyness is a weird thing, especially since people confuse it with introversion. My son E is introverted and not at all shy. I’m shy but not introverted. And my daughter is … well … she is who she is.

E said introverts are like cats, and extroverts are like dogs. A fair assessment, right? Being a shy extrovert is like being a scared dog… but I’m not really afraid of you! So I’ll try to be better about posting.

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