Happiness at midnight

So I’m another year older. My friend threw a party for me, complete with chocolate cake, cheesecake, ice cream and grapes, live music and an amazing fireworks show. OK, perhaps part of that was just chance it coincided with Highland’s city days, but hey. 🙂 I loved the assortment of great friends who were able to come join in the fun and the birthday hugs and spankin’ that came with it all.

One friend gave me a supermangirl shirt complete with a pink cape and some CDs for flying. Another gave me an adorable butterfly mobile. Another gave me some rose lotion, and one of my sunday school students gave me some hand soap and M&Ms. I gave myself some rad stuff from Zeldman’s quarterly. 🙂 And my kids must have given me a hundred hugs. I got a bunch of nice notes from great friends, and my friend’s lost daughter was found, partially thanks to the fliers I was able to print with a gift card I’d received. Church was awesome, dinner at mom’s was delicious, and I got to enjoy a fireside, too. What a way to kick off another year!

Right now, though, I’m giggling at something Ethan said. Yes, at 12:05 am. We’re on staycation. It’s okay.

He and I (and Mary, from upstairs) were just musing over some funny old posts, and he ran across this one about his birthday.

E: “Am I really the most mellow guy you’ve ever known?”

V: “Yeah you are! There’s just one thing I’d suggest…”

I was going to suggest that he stay true to himself and … you know … not let people run over him for his mellowness and what not, but it’s late and when it’s late I sometimes can’t get my words right. So he suggested some for me:

E: “Stay mellow?”

V: “Well… you know…”

E: “Be less mellow?”

V: “No, I was gonna say … well…”

E: “Eat a marshmallow?”

We lol’d. I sure do love these kids! 🙂

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