Coming up with ideas is the easy part for me, making them work is another thing. So when I do come up with something that works well, I’ll post it here. I’m also including a few experiences with some of my not-so-stellar plans.

Teaching kids Math

I hated math growing up. It made no sense to me. So as long as my kids were interested in reading, I thought we might as well play some math games together too, hoping they’d grow up a little brighter than their poor old ma’. So far, so good. Here are a few of the […]


Try this at home!

Remember the ‘stained glass‘ project? I just thought you might like an update from someone who decided to use this technique in her apartment. Only Eva has a way of taking a pretty good idea and making it much cooler. Have a look.


First Aid for Icy Hot Burn

Immediate relief for Icy Hot burns or chemical burns from other Methyl Salicylate ointments such as Bengay, Bayer Muscle Joint Cream, ArthriCare Ultra Cream, and Tiger Balm: To cool the burn, carefully wipe off excess cream with a kleenex, apply olive oil with a cotton ball, wipe off with another kleenex, and THEN wash off […]


How (not) to save a drowning cell phone

Last night I was cleaning the bathroom when my Dad called. Just as I was able to explain that I couldn’t talk at the moment and would call back, the phone fell out from under my neck and into the toilet full of chemicals and whatever the chemicals were trying to remove. Yuck! The odd […]



I made this recipe up for the Pillsbury Bakeoff.  I didn’t win anything, but they ARE good.    You can add chopped Jalapeno too, if you like it spicier. 1 8oz package softened Neufchatel or cream cheese 1 4oz can Old El Paso® Chopped Green Chiles 1/2 teaspoon minced garlic 1 teaspoon lime juice 1/4 teaspoon […]


Almond Roca

This is a great treat for Valentines Day. It’s really easy to make and inexpensive for large batches. 2 Cups Sugar 2 Cups Almond Slices (or Slivers) – You can also do this with Pecans! 1 cup butter (2 sticks – not margarine) 1 cup chocolate chips Line a jelly roll pan with parchment paper […]