Coming up with ideas is the easy part for me, making them work is another thing. So when I do come up with something that works well, I’ll post it here. I’m also including a few experiences with some of my not-so-stellar plans.

Neighborhood Parades

Laura Moncur, one of the few Utah Girl Geeks I know, blogged today about doing a parade down the street with her sister in 1980. The photo she included is absolutely adorable, and oh the memories that rushed back! My sister and I had a parade just like that once! Only she’d chopped up my […]


Yoshi Egg Piñata

If you hadn’t gathered it from my other article, my kids LOVE Mario.  Ethan wants another Mario birthday party this year.. we may even do a combined birthday party for both kids since Mary’s birthday is in the summer (when friends are often on vacation.)


White Chocolate Popcorn

I’d originally posted this for Halloween, but the same treat works just as well for other holidays. For Christmas, I’ve tried and thoroughly enjoyed the same recipe with candy-cane bits instead of reeses pieces. My coworker said White Chocolate Popcorn sounds disgusting, but if you like caramel corn or anything like it, you should give […]


Night Games

If there’s one thing that could make me wish to go back to my pre-adult years, nightgames with the neighborhood would be it. Here’s a list of a few of my favorites. What are yours?