Lunatics & a Total Eclipse

There was a cool lunar eclipse this morning, and the kids and I were pleased to find that we could easily view the whole thing from my bedroom window. But after about ten minutes of watching we decided that wouldn’t quite cut it & headed out to enjoy it in all 16 degrees of this December morning’s glory. And to take a photo, of course:

total lunar eclipse
Total eclipse of the moon!
Remote controls are photogeeks, too!

I did the best I could with the lens I’ve got. It’s a nice one (the tamron AF 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3), but I have to admit I’m still left lusting after a longer telephoto for photos lik this, a nicer macro for my shots of wildflowers and bugs, prime for the pics of my kids, and for now, most importantly… a wireless shutter release! It didn’t matter how solid I set up my tripod — even pressing the button gave me some wiggly pictures I’m not proud of.

It does look like my own personal santa (that would be me) could probably swing this one bit of camera gear for Christmas. Shh… don’t tell me! And in the meantime, I might as well share the worst. You can consider it my “Before” shot. Enjoy!

There's a whole lotta shakin going on!

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