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E&M's Canvas Slides!

E&M spoke in the Young Coder’s track today at OpenWest. They were both so nervous in prep, and worried they wouldn’t have enough material, but they did well. Slides are here, as promised! I’ll link […]


I think I missed yesterday’s post. I was hanging out with a few of my favorite geeks til I crashed. OpenWest, originally Utah Open Source Conference which I helped organize for several years, has grown […]


The two youngest stepkids recently decided to try their new sidewalk chalk in the middle of the road. They couldn’t understand why I thought it was so dangerous. One figured the cars would stop to […]

Starting Homeschool

It’s official, and I’m terrified. But to put things in perspective: The current commute takes 2 hours Homework has been taking at least 3 hours per day We already spend time learning outside the school/homework […]